it’s easy Swedbank Lithuania - contactless card

Just a touch and it’s paid. Swedbank Lithuania was the first bank in Lithuania to introduce contactless payment as the fastest and most convenient way to pay for your low-cost purchases.

Our goal was to draw an attention and encourage potential consumers to preorder contactless payment cards before its introduction to the market. Speed and comfort were highlighted as the major advantages of the product.

PEEP was chosen as a communication symbol – it’s the sound that follows the successful payment made with contactless card. To support the campaign we launched two videos on Facebook, a landing page, an experiment to show how many times you can pay with a regular card vs contactless one per minute, Facebook canvas featuring all the benefits and regular Facebook posts.

We achieved:
– reach on Facebook – 925 836, total video views – 300 782.
– Cards preordered – 8 300.
– The campaign won the “Best Internet 2017” award for the best social network campaign.

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